Heroin Found In Sock At Morris County Courthouse

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A Netcong man faces drug charges after 19 bags of heroin were found in his sock at the Morris County Courthouse, the Morris County Sheriff said in a statement.

Thasseus Licata, 31, of Netcong, was arrested at the court house for a parole violation, Sheriff James M. Gannon said in a statement. During a search before he was taken to jail, officers found bags of suspected heroin inside Licata’s sock.

“This lends truth to the opioid crisis we are currently faced with throughout Morris County and the rest of the country. A find such as this may have prevented a possible overdose, and possibly another fatality within police custody,” Gannon said.

“The Morris County Sheriff’s Office has zero tolerance for the introduction of contraband into the Morris County Courthouse and moreover into the Morris County Correctional Facility. Persons found to be in possession of criminal contraband will be charged accordingly,” Undersheriff Alan J. Robinson said,.