Intoxicated Driver Program

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In the State of New Jersey any person convicted of an alcohol related traffic offense must participate in a program at an Intoxicated Driving Resource Center (IDRC):

  • New Jersey has an IDRC in each county for first and third time offenders and three regional centers for second time offenders
  • During the program, offenders attend mandatory Alcohol and Highway Safety Education courses
  • IDRC also evaluates each offender for an alcohol or drug problem and determines the need for treatment
  • If treatment is needed, the offender must complete a 16 week minimum treatment
  • IDRC monitors compliance and reports noncompliance to the courts and IDP (Intoxicated Driver Program). IDP makes recommendation to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) for license suspension or restoration based on the offender’s successful completion of conviction requirements.

Satisfactory participation in IDRC is a step toward restoring your drivers license. Failure to comply will result in further drivers license suspension and possible jail time.

In addition, there are program attendance fees, first and second offender fees plus license restoration fees.

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